You're Invited!

Imagine for a second that you have become lost at sea.  For days you have been adrift, and then suddenly you catch the glimpse of a familiar lighthouse off in the distance.  At once, there is a sense of peace and calm that floods your soul, for you know that if you just steer your ship toward that lighthouse, you will arrive safely home.  That is the kind of church that Virginia Beach Beacon Baptist Church desires to be, a Lighthouse for the Lord that leads others who are searching into a safe harbor in Jesus.  When we look at the world today we can truly say that it has lost its way and is searching for an answer to the problems that it faces.  We know that Jesus is the answer to that question and that we have a responsibility to share that answer with a lost and dying world.  Our motto at Beach Beacon is simply “A Church Living Life Together” so if you are looking for the answers to life or are just looking for a family to live life with, let me challenge you to visit with us this Sunday and experience the love that is Beach Beacon.

Worship and Sunday School

Worship Services are Sundays at 8:15am & 10am.  The 10am service is broadcast on Facebook Live: @BeachBeaconVB  
Sermons are recorded and postedHERE

Due to restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have suspended our Sunday School classes and “Donut Fellowship”  

Small Groups

Small Groups are held on campus, Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm.  Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, our Wednesday night Bible Study classes have been suspended.

Where We're Located

Virginia Beach Beacon Baptist Church

2301 Newstead Drive

Virginia Beach, VA 23454