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Harvest Festival 2019

Fall has arrived, which means FREE FUN for the whole family! This is a great chance to experience

Beach Beacon Baptist Church

a Church Living Life Together!

Can’t wait to see you!



See what your children are learning each week!  The Lifeway Kids app is FREE, and provides parents and children with Bible Reading Plans, Bible Fun Facts, Picture Puzzles, Memory Verses, and the Gospel!

After downloading, scroll down to Explore the Bible and select the current quarter to access everything you need!

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Current Quarter: Fall 2019

This quarter, kids will study the Books of John, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 1 & 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles. The Book of John highlights Who Jesus is. John identifies Jesus as the one who came from God. Jesus used seven statements about Himself that show how He is God. Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians remind the Christians that there is work to do while believers wait for Jesus to return. Old Testament stories focus on the prophets Elijah and Elisha and their ministries to Israel. King Josiah’s story is shared in 2 Chronicles as Josiah, a young king, led the people to follow God. They restored the temple and found the book of God’s law.

Children's Worship

Each month during Children’s Church, Ms. Dana shows your children how to sing and dance in worship.  Play these at home, and have them demonstrate what they’ve learned!  Below are October’s songs:

Sunday Classes

Preschool Division                                                               Location


  • 0-18 mo. (Babies)                                C102
  • 18-36 mo. (Toddlers)                          C104
  • 3-5 yr. olds (Preschool)                      C116

School-age Children’s Division                                          Location


  • Kindergarten through 2nd grade       C114
  • 3rd grade through 5th grade             C112

*Classes end at 10:45am so that children can join their family in  the 11:00am Worship Service.

*Children from Kindergarten through 3rd grade are dismissed later in the 11am Worship Service to attend Children’s Worship, led by Dana Johnston.

*All school-age children remain in the 11am Worship Service on Family Worship/Communion Sunday (1st Sunday of the month).

Parent Guide

Please help us in creating a safe and happy environment so that your child will hear God’s Word, learn how to live like Christ, and be  encouraged to share the Bible with others!

Download Parent Guide HERE
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